Hello! I'm Jean Burke Young

My work is a reflection of the beauty, peace and joy I find living within a stone’s throw of the ocean.  Unencumbered by my former career in corporate marketing, I find the camera allows me full creative expression without boundaries. I am thrilled to share the beauty that surrounds and inspires me daily – and I hope it does the same for you.  

My photography style is centered around simplicity and natural beauty. I shoot what I love and capture the healing power of ever-changing sunrises, a soft moonrise over the ocean, exhilarating kite surfers and the rare sight of a sea turtle returning home to Juno Beach, FL, one of the most densely-nested sea turtle beaches in the world. To maintain the authentic feel of the moment, I keep touch-ups to a minimum, allowing you to genuinely experience the moment right in your own home.

My passion for the beautiful sea turtle population that calls the waters home has led me to partner with the Loggerhead Marinelife Center, donating 10% of all sales to their organization. LMC works tirelessly to conduct research, help rehabilitate and further study sea turtles, the ocean and their relationship with the overall health of the planet.

My goal as a photographer is to share art that speaks to the viewer or moves your soul in some way. I strive to make the purchasing process simple and fun and provide different sizes and options that will fit most budgets. I believe that art finds people, and if my photographs have found you and touched you, I want to make sure it’s possible for you to enjoy them for years to come. After all, I have found very few things in life as soothing as the ocean, and we should all have access to that type of serenity.

Jean Burke Young
Jean Burke Young
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